Who We Are

Philosophy of "Xia Jing Shan Arts and Cultural Foundation"

Xia Jing Shan has devoted to Buddhism arts for the most of his life. People could easily relate themselves to the mercy and wisdom of Chinese traditional arts through Xia's work. The foundation aims to preserve the art pieces created by Xia through the past years and to pass on Buddhism arts, as well as expanding and elaborating the beauty of Chinese culture and arts through charity.

What is taken form the community, given back to the community

Xia Jing Shan founded the “Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation” in Taiwan. With the spirit of " what is taken form the community, given back to the community", Xia runs the foundation non-profitably through society policy and regulations, passing along his classic works. He looks forward to achieve the purpose of creating long-term social profits, and contributing to the community, thus achieve the purpose of stabilizing the society, purifying the minds, advocating the philosophy of Buddhism, and benefiting the human beings.

Professional Team, Global Vision

"Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation" was officially launched in Taiwan on Jan. 1, 2014, leading by its CEO Chung-Chieh Chao. As a non-profit organization, the foundation promotes arts and Buddhism through academic researches and art exhibitions. With professional team in the foundation, Xia’s artistic altruism will be passing on and flourishing. By enhancing the connection to international art and promoting community aesthetic sense, Xia hopes to establish the international reputation of Chinese traditional painting in terms of its aesthetics.