Journal of Xia Jing Shan’s Art


In his Records of Famous Paintings of All the Dynasties, Zhang Yan-Yuan of Tang dynasty talked about the purpose of painting is to focus on transforming through education and fortifying ethics. It should explore mystical issues and pay attention intricate details, which highlights the importance of education and aesthetic functionality with art. This edition of the journal will focus mainly on religion and art’s impact on the mind, relating to artist Xia Jing Shang’s years of dedication in the art of Buddhist paintings. Through the mindsets and contents in Master Xia’s calligraphies and paintings, people could profoundly experience the compassion and wisdom found in classic Chinese art.

The overarching theme of this edition is “Integration of Religious Culture and Art”, and through a process of thesis evaluation and decisions made by the editorial board, the following four papers dealing, with related topics with Master Xia’s dictions on his paintings incorporated and examined, are included:  “Buddhist Culture’s Impact on the Development of Chinese Opera” by Prof. Sun Mei Professor from the Department of Chinese Literature of National Central University、 “Zen Buddhism and Calligraphy: On Zen Spirit-Integrated Calligraphic Expressions” by Prof. Tsai Chieh-Teng from the Department of Painting and Calligraphy Arts of National Taiwan University、“ Examining Confucian’s Concept on Form and Quality and Human Aesthetic from Zheng Xuan and Zhu Xi’s Takes on the Theory ‘The paintwork is executed on top of the white background’” by Adjunct Lecturer Kung Lin-Yi from the Department of Chinese Literature of Tamkang University、“Examining Xia Jing Shan’s Dictions of "Solemn Deity" Inscribed on Paintings and Discussion on Taiwanese Classical Poems Inscribed on Paintings by Ph.D. Ko Bin-Yau from the Department of Chinese Literature, National Central University

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